Sales & Marketting Interns Required

Softential is looking for students who would like to work as Sales and Marketing Interns with us.
The selected candidate(s) would work on;

  • Generate some product awareness among the potential client-base
  • Followup with prospects and convert them
  • Followup with existing clientele and explore additional avenues for business
  • Any other related tasks

We need super enthusiastic people to help us promote our brand and business. We are looking for students/graduates/part-timers and do not discriminate on the basis of educational qualifications for the role. Necessary skills include;

  • Excellent communication- English and Hindi/Marathi/Urdu
  • Great interpersonal skills- you should be able to charm your way through people
  • Excellent understanding of basic business principles
  • Open to all kinds of work- not all work is cool

Stipend: No targets. But performance (sale) based stipend

Duration: Minimum 6 weeks

Location: Pune, Cities adjoining Pune, Noida, NCR, Aligarh, Bulandshahr

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